RRISD Secondary Reading List 2012-2013


Secondary Reading List Approval Form 2013-2014 (coming soon)

Timeline for Book Submissions for RRISD Secondary Reading List 2013-2014

1.All approval requests will be due to Caron St. Onge, Lead Secondary English Language Arts Specialist, by twelve noon on Wednesday, Tuesday, June 18, 2012 (no exceptions).

2.Governing Committee (Director of Library Media Services, Curriculum Director, and Lead Curriculum Specialist) and designated appointees of the board will meet on June 19, 2013 p.m. to determine "reading" needs

3.Governing Committee will reconvene on the fourth week of July to approve/reject proposed titles based on the rationale submitted for each title.

4.Caron St. Onge will notify teachers informally after the meeting via email and formally by Friday, August 2, 2012 if submissions were proposed or rejected.

Secondary Reading List Parent/Guardian Letter 2013-2014 (forthcoming)